Cable Dahmer “CORE” Program Overview

The “CORE” (Community Out Reach Effort) program at Cable Dahmer will provide funding and activation support for pre-approved sponsorships.

Our objective is to develop a stronger community connection within each store’s primary market area by supporting local organizations, including (but not limited to) schools, sports teams, clubs, churches, entertainment venues, local non-profits, media sponsored events, etc. Preference will be given to organizations in which a Cable-Dahmer employee has personal involvement or a connection.

A CORE Funding Request Form must be completed to secure funding for your organization or event. Please complete form at least 60 days prior to the date that funds or other sponsorship support is needed. All requests are subject to review and prior approval. Forms should be submitted to Jeff Vaughn, who will coordinate funding approval with each store’s General Manager.

The employee requesting funding will be responsible for overseeing Cable-Dahmer’s sponsorship. When sponsorship involves an outside event, a sponsor kit with vehicle window/door clings, pole banners, and giveaways will be available for employees to take to the event. These are available from our Marketing team.

Logos, advertisements, or graphics that are required for the sponsorship may be obtained from
At the conclusion of each sponsorship please complete the Sponsorship Evaluation Summary along with any photos, video, or support material. We would like to keep a record of our activity and post photos on our website and social media.